Monday, April 29, 2013

Post trip musings.

"I just think that every time you love someone, even in the smallest way, you give them a bit of yourself. But we are finite beings and if you give too much away, you will have nothing left. Then, you will never be able to love again the way you can, now. And the idea of that is just so sad to me, to not feel anything. 

So, to keep from running empty, I try to snatch back the pieces of myself that I had let you hold on to. 'It's mine, give it back. I was just letting you borrow it for a while but I want it back now because I need it. It's not for you.'" 

Three countries in a month, and I think I have had enough of living out of a suitcase for a while.

And as I stared at the crystal clear waters in Krabi, things suddenly worked themselves out. I realized you were never coming back, and people were always going to be selfish, no matter what glorified excuses they managed to spew out. And so the only way out was to make myself whole again, to fill myself up with all the goodness I could ever offer.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Post CNY

The only people for me are the mad ones, 
the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, 
desirous of everything at the same time, 
the ones that never yawn or say a commonplace thing, 
but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.  

Hello sweet tarts, post CNY gloom is still hanging over us, boo. :(
So here's a picture of people we love, doing things we love (like steamboating).

Till the next, xoxo.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Why things are the way they are

This is going to ruffle more than a few feathers, and most probably bad for public image, but there are things I really need to say and question.

Does everyone think all that blogshop owners do is "purchase" nice clothes and place them online for sale (and watch the money roll in)? I got the impression during lunch with a group of friends, people I knew but didn't know, if you get what I mean. And from my turn at managing emails this week, it seems like some have that impression as well. That I had nothing better to do except bum around and go for manicures. Or that we were worthless individuals who couldn't score better jobs in respectable roles.

And well, after 2 years of doing this full time, my answer is an emphatic no.

Of course if you were to ask me if I would have preferred going back to my audit life, I would have told you no, but it wasn't the difficulty level involved in audit work. It was the stupendous display of bootlicking techniques plus politics I had enough of. The crunch work, I could more than deal with. After all, it was a set skill you hone day in and out; eventually you learn it well enough to do it in your sleep. I wasn't a good auditor, passable, yes, but not passionate enough (like some of my more talented peers) to push for vast improvements in the clients' systems. And I am not the sort of person who is alright with doing things I am not good at.

So I said goodbye, and decided I wanted to 卖衣服, lol. That's in my parents' words. They didn't understand why a graduate would want to deal with work like this. They still don't. They come from an era where getting a good education meant you could score a cushy job in an air conditioned office, and eventually rise high enough to manage (and boss) a lot of people around. And your remuneration would be comfortable enough for 2 long haul flights to exotic locations annually.

I did consider heading back to school, or moving on to another sector in the finance industry, but hey, you are only young once so might as well try things you know you won't have the guts to try when you are older. Or maybe I was just convincing myself I was not suited to work in an office environment, lol.

If you ask me if I miss anything about my old life, I would tell you no. Well, maybe the money yes, because it was good, (I could buy all the shoes I wanted, with a few branded bags thrown in) but the lifestyle, no. Money came at a price. I was sleeping barely 4 hours a day, with managers and subordinates alike, having no respect for personal time (hello work emails at 4am, and good luck if you don't reply them by 7am). I had perpetual dull skin and an unhealthy body that bailed on me every other week.

And if you ask me now if it is any better doing this, I wouldn't really know what to say. Because I am still sleeping less than I should, but I know if I sleep in, I will not get murdered by Yingdan the way my ex-bosses would have murdered me. I am still rushing deadlines every other week, but if I can't finish something, I can just not. The only person who will blame me is myself. I've got my health back, I have time to eat meals with my family, and I feel smug about doing a manicure at 3pm in the day, just because I can.

My life is a whirlwind of launches and stocktakes. I no longer wear make up and heels to work. Denim shorts are my staple now along with havianas. Being a blogshop owner is not a glamourous affair. My dad is appalled with the way I abuse the car. I stuff it to the brim with stocks and dirty his leather seats with the stock bags. It's an over glorified delivery van. I carry large recycle bags worth of stocks while running through Citylink, trying to make it to the KissJane store for restocks before the sales ladies close for the day. I no longer need to go to the gym, because moving stocks twice a week is more work than you think it is (and this is also the reason why LP hires males).

There are days when I question myself if this is what I want.
Days when I man the shop (when the sales staff is on leave) and walk-in customers deem me to be 卖衣服的小妹 and my ego gets bruised. Because like it or not, I admittedly am one (even for that few short hours), and if I honestly felt that way, then wasn't I insulting the gazillion number of women doing sales jobs, including the very lovely person I hire myself at the store? Or was I just subscribing to the stereotype that uni graduates should be doing something more than this? And all the women who walked in, who treated me condescendingly, most probably thought the same way: that the sales person at the shop was most likely not highly educated and thus could be subjected to tactless words and soft bullying. (On a side note, I used to be CS officers' worst nightmare: I would take the effort to write long sarcastic complaint letters when I felt the service did not equate to the monies I paid. Now it's more like me to write long letters of praise when I get good service. Because yes, these people really need the kind words when they deserve it.)

It's not easy running your own business. You are the brains and the labour all rolled into one. We pay the rent on our office, hire our own staff, and mop the floor every week as well (ok, Yingdan, not me).  I was just telling Yingdan the other day, that our new year resolution would be to stop having to do unglam things. Like her lugging a gazillion parcels to meetups, only to have some disappear on her last minute because they simply forgot. And she has to lug everything back again after waiting fruitlessly for them to turn up. It's rude irresponsible behaviour, there's no other explanation for this.

And the most ridiculous thing both of us did in the early days? When the factory mixed up the color of the buttons on a backorder, and two of us sat in her living room removing and sewing three buttons on each piece of item. I can still remember the color of the item and buttons now.

Of course I know we are in the service industry, and we try, we honestly do. But I am not good at shutting off. Or not taking things personally. I get affected every time I deal with rude people who think it is ok to say mean things because they are behind an email address. It doesn't matter whether I offer solution A to Z, it is considered bad customer service as long as these people do not get their way. I then get threats to report us to the authorities plus smearing our brand name on public domains. I get upset when competitors do something that is so wrong, I don't even know why anyone can do that. And yes, after 2 years of this, I am still like this.

Some days I tell myself it's ok, things will be better. I feel a lot safer with my camera and photoshop. And it's a wonder how I've managed in this industry, because customer service is not my forte. I thank god there's Yingdan to save my sorry ass and that we complement each other; LilyPirates would have never worked out otherwise. Some days I wonder what I am doing with my life. There's no easy route to success I know, but is this road less-travelled the one for me?

I don't honestly know the main point of my extremely random blog entry, it's just a mishmash of thoughts that have been floating through my head the entire week, about the choices I've made, and how people see them. And so till I figure out what I really want, life goes on.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Will blog a proper entry soon, right after I transfer the photos from the last team outing!
Till then, here's a clip of my favourite song this year:

Yes, I have been infected with the 中国好声音 bug. The amount of talent on showcase is mind blowing!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pampered by L'Oreal Professional + Kimage Prestige

So a while ago we were sulky people at LilyPirates because of various personal/business reasons.
The number of times two of us went "OMG FML" in the past month, we totally lost count. :(

But you know what they say, what goes down must come up, and boy was I jiggly excited when we received an invitation to try out the new Mythic Oil Treatment Ritual! It was like candy for the crying child, hahaha. #happypills (My "The Secret" ritual must be working!)

The kind folks at L'Oreal Professional had the LP team head down for a session at Kimage Prestige. I first heard about the Mythic Oil range from a good friend, who told me she has tried umpteen hair styling products but her hair would usually become limp at the end of the day. She chanced upon the Mythic Oil and now swears by it. A bit kua zhang, but I was sincerely mad excited to try the treatment. Afterall, if the oil could do miracles, then what more the treatment right!

Truth be told, I was mildly embarrassed over the state of my hair before the session, because I am the laziest person alive when it comes to maintenance and my sad hair is usually a raging mess if I didn't blow dry the mop before stepping out of the house. :x I've had regular treatments since Dec last year to salvage my hair, but urps, I think I undo the goodness with my laziness every single time.

Dismal state of my dry brittle hair:

Rach also did a hair show previously, and the color session left her hair really brittle and dry. Happy kids waiting for their candy!

We were first given a hair analysis by the stylist and recommended treatments suited for our conditions. I was diagnosed with a slightly oily scalp and dry hair, so they recommended me the Mythic Absolute Treatment (there are three treatments in all, targeting various problems you might face). The treatment was aimed at purifying and detoxing (very important!) my scalp and improve the health of my locks.

Side story, you know how some hair stylists look at your hair and go tsk tsk and make you want to dig a hole and hide? No such nonsense at Kimage. All our stylists were mad friendly, and we really felt at home with the lovely treatment! Rachel kept saying it was so surreal because she insisted her stylist looked like Key (of Shinee fame) and it's like a K-pop star serving her. -_-'

And off we go! They first did a scalp treatment complete with a head massage (mad shiok please!) before applying the various made-to-measure concentrates for our hair. The goodness is sealed in with the machine to achieve healthy bouncy locks!

My miracle potion mix! Hehe!

Tadah!!! Happy Shiny People with Happy Shiny Hair!

It's been a week after the session, and our hair is definitely less brittle and alot more manageable! Yingdan had relatively healthy hair before the session, but now it's positively glowing with the continued use of the shampoo! #truestory

I am a firm believer in getting regular treatments for your tresses due to the large amounts of pollution and hair products we put our hair through daily and the Mythic Oil treatment ranks high in all my experiences, :) Definitely something I will go back and pay to do again, so that's saying something!

Huge thanks to the Kimage team ( & L'Oreal Professional ( for the pampering session, we felt really loved! Omg can you see how our hair was so shiny after the treatment, it was reflecting light, lolol.

And here's a special giveaway for our lovely customers to spread the love!

L'Oreal Professional has kindly sponsored us 4 sets of the magical Mythic Oil Shampoo and Conditioner to be given away to lucky LP fangirls! Also, we will be giving away vouchers with every purchase from C126 so you can enjoy the same princess treatment at a fantastic price!

Simply hop over to our facebook page ( to find out how to win them, :D

Ending with a picture of Yingdan in the ZARA inspired piece in dusty pink! ❤ 

Over and out, this is a good start to blogging more frequently! XOXO!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Call me maybe

The song now comes with images in my head, hahaha.

I am partial to the hunky French and cheeky Americans, hehe.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The army boy

Happy moments at work: candids from the latest shoot.

(I could type a whole chunk on how terribly sorry we are so inactive when it comes to blogging, but urps, I am just gonna work on posting more than once a month for now ok. :x )

Long lost friends who haven't seen each other since the army robbed us of an extremely capable bao ka liao minion. Facts we learnt: washing machines are under utilized on tekong / Febreeze works spectacularly well on smelly army uniforms.

Finale photos before Tiongster went off home (for a much needed session with the washing machine):

And! Coming up next week, a tailored blazer we came up with that marries the puff sleeves of the Classically Cool Blazer with the lovely stretchy material of the Mermaid's Treasure Blazer (oh man that was such a mouthful):